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North Century RX - PMS Essentials

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Our PMS Essentials supplement provides a comprehensive nutrient and botanical approach to support mood, cravings, menstrual comfort and typical bloating associated with the menstrual cycle.‡

The formula includes calcium for healthy smooth muscle function and menstrual comfort. Vitamin D has similar effects, attributed to its ability to promote healthy calcium levels, cyclic hormone function and neurotransmitter activity. Healthy intracellular magnesium levels have been associated with maintaining positive mood. Magnesium also plays an important role in nervous system sensitivity, providing support for muscle comfort, breast comfort and emotional well-being associated with the menstrual cycle. Relora® may assists in lessening cravings, and chaste tree, traditionally used and clinically studied, provides significant beneficial support via its balancing effects.‡

Supports menstrual comfort and mood, and helps lessen fatigue and cravings‡

  • Supports menstrual comfort and mood‡
  • Supports cramping and bloating associated with a normal menstrual cycle‡
  • Helps lessen fatigue and cravings‡
  • Provides support for breast comfort and emotional well-being associated with the menstrual cycle‡
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