Zinc Liquid 15 mg
Zinc Liquid 15 mg
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Zinc Liquid 15 mg
Zinc Liquid 15 mg
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Zinc Liquid 15 mg
Zinc Liquid 15 mg
Zinc Liquid 15 mg

North Century RX - Zinc Liquid 15 mg

Product Details

Convenient liquid formula for healthy immune function‡

• Supports immune system function‡
• Enhances digestion and metabolism of important vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients‡
• Supports reproductive health‡
• Convenient, great-tasting liquid

Zinc is a mineral that plays an important role in the body’s natural defense system, as well as in the absorption and function of B vitamins. The body doesn’t make zinc, so you need to get it through food or supplements. Zinc offers broad physiological support, including immune health, emotional wellness and reproductive health.‡

Our great-tasting Zinc Liquid is a convenient formula that also supports digestion and utilization of important vitamins, minerals, carbs and other essential nutrients. Zinc is a constituent of over two dozen enzymes that’re involved in digestion and tissue respiration. Zinc also plays a fundamental role in collagen formation and healthy tissue development. This mineral contributes to healthy prostatic function and is essential for normal fetal and reproductive development.‡"

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