Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
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Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
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Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!
Allergy Kit PLUS!

North Century RX - Allergy Kit PLUS!

Product Details

Easton's go-to, natural products for optimum nasal health...and then some! Here's what you get: 

ALL CLEAR - Mast cells, when triggered, can release a storm of histamine, leading to a cascade of symptoms. Unlike traditional antihistamines, ALL CLEAR works to stabilize those cells and prevent the release of histamine in the first place. 

NeilMed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit - Avoid the systemic effects of oral allergy meds and attack symptoms locally. Always use a non-tap water source. TIP: Use warm water and squeeze gently. 

NeilMed Xylitol Premixed Packets - Sinus rinses traditionally incorporate saline packets, but xylitol, a natural antibacterial, is included here. Hate sinus infections, right? Why not create an environment where it's difficult for pathogens to set up shop? 

Alkalol Nasal Wash - This old-school blend of natural ingredients, including menthol, gives an invigorating twist to sinus rinses. Expect to experience soothing relief from congestion, mucus relief and clean nasal passages. 

Mama Merrill's Elderberry & Turmeric Tonic

  • Package includes one 12 oz bottleSuggested daily serving size: 1 Tbsp
  • Some people say it tastes like Christmas in a bottle. So delicious- you might just forget how good it is for you. The perfect amount of sweetness from real TN honey and spices to balance out the earthy flavor of elderberries. The ultimate crowd pleaser. Your immune system and your tastebuds will thank you.


  • Local Honey - adds the perfect amount of sweetness and promotes the prevention of seasonal allergies
  • Apple cider vinegar full of antioxidants and acts as a natural preservative
  • Sambucus nigra elderberries - the most researched/scientifically proven elderberries in the world and the highest antioxidant elderberries in the world
  • Turmeric promotes heart health and is a potent anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger full of antioxidants, promotes healthy aging, and is anti-inflammatory
  • Spices anti-inflammatory properties and adds another level of delicious flavor
  • Ingredients: water, honey, apple cider vinegar, Sambucus nigra elderberries, turmeric, ginger, spices, xantham gum

Chlorpheniramine 4mg Tablets - Easton's go-to for allergy flares. May cause drowsiness, but most patients do not experience that. Take as needed every four hours for sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and/or itchy throat. 

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