UltraMag Magnesium
UltraMag Magnesium
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UltraMag Magnesium
UltraMag Magnesium
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UltraMag Magnesium
UltraMag Magnesium
UltraMag Magnesium

North Century RX - UltraMag Magnesium

Product Details

Enhanced-absorption magnesium for bone health, muscle relaxation, and heart health‡

• Supports healthy bone while promoting muscle relaxation and cardiovascular health‡
• Fosters numerous physiological functions, including nutrient metabolism and energy production‡
• Clinically studied

UltraMag Magnesium supports healthy bone while encouraging muscle relaxation and cardiovascular health. It uses an innovative, microencapsulation technology to enhance magnesium absorption for cardiometabolic, neurocognitive and musculoskeletal health.

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