Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test
Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test
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Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test
Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test
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Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test
Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test
Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test

North Century RX - Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test

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Both Omega-3 and Vitamin D are essential for life. Unfortunately, most people don't get enough of these important nutrients in their diets, which is why testing your levels is so important. We can help with our custom Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D Test Kit. Find out your levels, and let us help you optimize them in 3 easy steps. 

Omega-3 EPA and DHA have both been linked to improved heart, brain, and eye health, among other things, and Vitamin D has been linked to improved bone, heart, immune health and more. It can be difficult to maintain healthy levels of both, which is why testing is so important. 

3 Steps: 

  1. Measure Incorporating healthy habits in your diet and lifestyle isn't enough to ensure optimal levels — they must be measured.
  2. Modify Our custom test results will give you the information you need to personalize intake.
  3. Monitor Testing your Omega-3 and Vitamin D levels every three to four months will ensure your levels remain optimal. 
Your results supported by science... 

Actionable: Your levels change when you change your diet and lifestyle.

Personalized: Get personalized recommendations based off your test results.

Certified: Samples are processed in our CLIA certified laboratory.

Validated: We use the same validated and sample processing methodology used in over 200 research studies.

Compare: Reference ranges show you how you compare to your peers. 

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