GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test
GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test
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GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test
GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test
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GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test
GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test
GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test

North Century RX - GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test

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Actionable Results & Insights Into 106 Medications Using A Non-Invasive Cheek Swab

Important Information About the Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test Home Collection Kit:

* This test is approved for users 18 years and older.

Certain conditions and treatments may impact the interpretation of your results.  If you been diagnosed with or experience any of the below, we recommend consulting with your physician prior to ordering a pharamacogenetic test:

  • History of liver issues
  • History of kidney issues
  • Presence of hemotologic malignancy
  • History of recent blood transfusion
  • History of bone marrow/stem cell transplant


  1. Order Your Kit As always, shipping's on us.
  2. Activate & Collect Activate your kit online and collect your sample from the comfort of home.
  3. Ship Kit To Lab Every kit comes with prepaid, priority overnight shipping to get you the results you need when you need it.
  4. Get Fast Results The CAP and CLIA certified lab’s competitive turnaround time means you can expect speedy results.


What is pharmacogenetics testing? Pharmacogenetics testing is the testing of certain genes to determine how individuals might react to specific medications.

With insight derived from pharmacogenetic testing, healthcare providers may decrease the need for “trial-and-error” dosing and might substantially reduce the risk of adverse drug events. Learn more about pharmacogenetic testing at

Are GRAVITY+ Pharmacogenetics results accurate? Gravity Diagnostics is CLIA and CAP-certified, which means they must meet or exceed high precision, accuracy, and validity standards, obtain both state and federal certifications, and submit themselves to regular inspections as well as independent third-party performance verifications.

Is my information secure? We partner closely with the lab to ensure that your data is secure from start to finish throughout the entire process. We’ll never share any of your information, or pass it off to any un-identified mystery partners either.

Are GRAVITY+ Kits covered by my insurance? We are neither a healthcare provider nor a laboratory and therefore we are not able to bill your insurance directly. 

Can I purchase a kit for someone else? Patient information is not inputted until registration, so you are able to purchase kit for others.

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