Electrolyte/Energy formula
Electrolyte/Energy formula
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Electrolyte/Energy formula
Electrolyte/Energy formula
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Electrolyte/Energy formula
Electrolyte/Energy formula
Electrolyte/Energy formula

North Century RX - Electrolyte/Energy formula

Product Details

Mix of electrolytes and vitamin C to optimize physical and mental stamina during exercise‡

• Replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise‡
• Supports muscle function‡
• Retains hydration and helps lessen the perception of exertion‡
• Helps enhance endurance and delay fatigue‡
• Vitamin C protects muscles and enhances tissue recovery‡

Our Electrolyte/Energy Formula helps to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise—plus, it supports muscle function, retains hydration and may ease the perception of exertion during exercise.

This formula was also designed with important pre-exercise ingredients, like glucose and maltodextrin, for quickly accessible energy and delaying fatigue. It also has vitamin C to protect muscles from the free radicals generated during exercise and to enhance tissue recovery.

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